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Almost: A True Crime Podcast

a lively conversation based true crime podcast between two best friends. 

we take everything seriously except ourselves,

Almost: A True Crime Podcast


About the pod:

A conversational podcast where best friends Taryn and Madison tell a true crime case to each other twice a week. we are not heavy and dark. We do our own extensive research and tell it to you all just as we would tell it to each other. No script, no investigating, no bs. That means you'll hear some cuss words and conversational banter and laughs. If you're looking for a lighter, lively, true crime podcast with 2 new girlfriends, you may have found it. 



taryn is the life of the party. if you say "shots" three times in a row, she appears out of nowhere. She brings the humor and life to the podcast. she is also a mom and has a full time job. 
if you say "shots" one time madison is out the front door in her car ready to go home. she has a masters degree from an accredited law school, that she uses to work part time at a library. She is 50% wit and 50% anxiety


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